AMENA Capital is a finance and corporate advisory company. We specialize in project funding and venture capital and also offer other forms of financing. Our corporate advisory services provide a holistic approach from conceptualization to exit.
AMENA Management assists clients in various fields and industries in business management, project management, business development, marketing and penetrating foreign markets and identifying suitable partners and clients internationally.
AMENA Resources is specialized in the trading of oil products, mineral, ores and metals in addition to numerous other resources and commodities. AMENA Resources Ltd is a licensed agent of Global Coal Ltd.
AMENA Foundation Ltd is a registered charitable foundation with a focus of social enterprises and microfinance. We assist in the finance and ongoing support of educational, humanitarian, agricultural, & environmental projects across the globe.

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About Us

The AMENA Group Ltd is a private consortium that is focused on business in the Australasian, Middle Eastern and North African regions.

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Financial Services
Business Consulting & Management

Amena Capital

Amena Management

Amena Resources

Amena Foundation

Amena Capital Ltd

Provides Financial Services and Corporate Advisory

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AMENA Management Ltd

Specializes in providing consulting and management services

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AMENA Resources Ltd

Focused on resources and commodities trading

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AMENA Foundation Ltd

Registered charitable Foundation

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