Amena Management

AMENA Foundation Ltd is a charitable foundation registered in Hong Kong with a focus of assisting in the finance and support projects which of educational, humanitarian, infrastructural, cultural, agricultural, medical, environmental, rural and urban projects across the globe.

The AMENA Group has a policy of donating a portion of profits to supporting charitable and humanitarian projects in addition to supporting missionaries and organizations worldwide to ease the suffering of the poor and needy.

The AMENA Foundation is passionate about assisting orphans and orphanages and offering the poor and needy support and assistance in developing their communities and to provide solutions such as education, agricultural programs, breeding programs, water drilling, microfinance and many other programs with which they can produce food and textiles for consumption and sale and to provide communities with alternatives to establish a sustainable income.

The AMENA Foundation is currently undertaking a new initiative in Australia being the Second Chance Foundation, please stay tuned for more information.

The AMENA Group is passionate about supporting projects which offer those in disadvantaged and underdeveloped communities some of life’s essentials such as clean water, food, medicine and health care in addition to the opportunity to help themselves through educational and vocational programs and the means of developing agricultural, farming and other vocational skills to enable the utilization of the resources they have, such as land and local labour to develop a long term sustainable food supply and income source within the community.

For more information please visit the AMENA Foundation website