Amena Resources

AMENA Resources Ltd is in the physical commodity trading industry of mineral and oil products.

AMENA Resources Ltd is registered in Hong Kong, as a licensed agent of Global Coal Ltd, a UK listed company, which is the worlds largest online coal-trading platform. The details can be viewed here

AMENA Resources Ltd specializes in the trading of oil products and minerals that come through a direct supply from refineries or mines. The main focus of activities are Coal, iron Ore, Manganese and Copper in addition to Oil and Oil based products. We also have supplies of Scrap Metals such as Copper and Aluminium.

AMENA Resources Ltd is also the exclusive distributor in the Asia Pacific region, for the Global Mining Solutions green gold processing technology that allows the processing on gold and other precious metals without the need for mercury or cyanide that are harmful to the environment.

Information on the Global Mining Solutions technology can be viewed here

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AMENA Management provides its clients with global business services including launching into new foreign markets, strategy, due diligence and identifying suitable partners and clients.

AMENA Management has a vast network in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions with which partnerships, joint ventures and mergers can be formed to create strategic alliances and mutually beneficial co-operations. We also have extensive experience in the financial services industry, including the application and registration of financial services licenses and assistance in the regulatory and compliance obligations and ongoing operation and management of these licenses.

We also offer company formation, company secretary and company operation and management services in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and other jurisdictions on request.

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